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Outdoor Medical Kits

Outdoor Medical Kits


For adventurers, explorers, and nature enthusiasts, Outdoor Medical Kits are not just accessories; they are vital companions. Whether you're scaling mountains, trekking through forests, or camping under the stars, being prepared with the right medical supplies can mean the difference between a minor hiccup and a major emergency.

EMS Quick Action Trauma Kit

EMS Quick Action Trauma Kit1 x EMS ..


USKITS Battlefield Trauma Kit with 2 CAT Tourniquets in Breakaway Pouch

USKITS Battlefield Trauma Kit with ..


USKITS Individual Bleeding Control Poly Kit

The USKITS Individual Bleeding Cont..


USKITS Premium Trauma Kit with CAT Tourniquet

USKITS Premium Trauma Kit with CAT ..


USKITS Standard Trauma Kit with CAT Tourniquet

USKITS Standard Trauma Kit with CAT..



Kit Content: (1) SRO Tactical ..


USKITS All In One Trauma Backpack Kit

Modular DesignTrauma Kit Module:(1)..


USKITS All In One Trauma Backpack Kit With CAT Tourniquet

USKITS All In One Trauma Backpack K..


USKITS All In One Trauma in Duffel Bag Kit

USKITS All In One Trauma Duffel Bag..


USKITS All In One Trauma in Duffel Bag Kit With CAT Tourniquet

USKITS All In One Trauma Duffel Bag..


USKITS Ready Response Trauma Kit

Most adult males take approximately..


Camping Trauma Kit

The Camping Trauma Kit ..


USKITS Premium Multi-Trauma Kit with 2 CAT Tourniquets

USKITS Premium Multi-Trauma Kit wit..


USKITS Individual Bleeding Control Kit

The USKITS Individual Bleeding Cont..


M-FAK Mini First Aid Kit



USKITS Standard Tactical Trauma Kit

Designed for battlefield applicatio..


STOMP Medic Kit

The Stomp Medical Kit has a variety..


Professional Mountain Medic- Shipping Included

Bandage Materials 10 - Bandage,..


ARK Casualty Throw Kit

The ARK Casualty Throw Kit contains..


5 People Marine First Aid Kit - 12 Hours Support - Free Shipping!

5 People Marine First Aid Kit - ..


Multiperson Trauma Kit for 500 People

Kit Content: .tg {border-co..


Celox Applicator- Quick Granule Application

Promotes rapid and effective contro..


Celox Granules-15g Pack

Safe, easy to use, cost effective a..


Professional Guide Medical Kit

Dimensions: Size: 11" x 8" ..


Outdoor Medical Kits: Your Essential Companion for the Great Outdoors

Our outdoor professional medical kits are designed for use by outdoor professionals, such as guides, wilderness educators, search and rescue teams, and park rangers. These kits are specifically tailored to address medical emergencies and injuries that can occur in remote wilderness or outdoor environments, where access to professional medical care is limited. 

We offer a wide selection of outdoor medical kits which are designed specifically for those who go on adventures- be it hike up mountains, ride on boats, or any other outdoor activities they participate in. More specifically, any sort of activity where professional medical assistance may be a long ways away and quicker stabilization or relief is needed. These kits typically include typical first aid supplies but with additional items to help with hydration, burns, bug bites and more issues that could possibly occur in the outdoors. 

Be prepared for your adventures with our selection of comprehensive outdoor kits to help improve chances of recovery earlier on, before things may worsen while waiting for professional help. This is critical for those far from shore or roads.

The north american rescue trauma kit is a high-standard emergency response pack, widely trusted among medical professionals and first responders for its comprehensive array of life-saving tools such as hemostatic dressings, tourniquets, and chest seals. This kit is specifically designed to address severe trauma situations, ensuring rapid and effective treatment in critical moments.

Essential Gear for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

Best Medical Kits for the Outdoors

The best medical kits for outdoor adventures are those that balance comprehensiveness with portability. They should include everything needed to handle common injuries and emergencies in remote settings.

Medical Kit Hiking: Tailored for the Trails

A specialized medical kit hiking pack is essential for any hiking trip. It should be lightweight yet equipped with all the necessary supplies for common hiking injuries and emergencies.

Key Components of Outdoor First Aid Kits

Outdoor First Aid Kit List: What to Include

An effective outdoor first aid kit should contain items tailored for outdoor incidents. This includes:

  • Basic first aid items like bandages, antiseptics, and pain relievers
  • Specialized gear for outdoor emergencies, such as splints and blister treatment kits

First Aid Kit List for Hiking and Camping

When planning a hike or camping trip, your first aid kit list for hiking or camping should be comprehensive, catering specifically to the activities and environment you'll be encountering.

Specialized Kits for Various Outdoor Activities

Offroad First Aid Kit: Ready for Rugged Adventures

An offroad first aid kit is crucial for those exploring off the beaten path. It should be robust and contain supplies to manage injuries likely to occur in rough terrain.

Best Outdoor First Aid Kits

The best outdoor first aid kits are those that offer:

  • A wide range of medical supplies to handle various outdoor emergencies
  • Durability and weather resistance to withstand outdoor conditions

Outdoor Kit, Outdoor Survival Kit, and Wilderness Survival Kits

Your outdoor kit, including outdoor survival kits and wilderness survival kits, should be equipped with tools and supplies necessary for survival in the wild. This might include items for shelter, signaling, and navigation.

Comprehensive Solutions for Outdoor Emergencies

Outdoor Emergency Kit and Outdoor Survival Kit List

An outdoor emergency kit should be a staple in any outdoor gear. Your outdoor survival kit list should be meticulously curated to cover a range of potential scenarios, from minor injuries to more serious emergencies.

Control Bleeding Kits: A Critical Component

Control bleeding kits are essential for any outdoor medical kit. They provide the necessary tools to manage severe bleeding, a common and potentially life-threatening issue in outdoor environments.

When it comes to outdoor activities, safety should never be an afterthought. With the right Outdoor Medical Kits, you can embark on your adventures knowing you're prepared for any medical situation that may arise. From simple day trips to extended wilderness excursions, being equipped with the best medical supplies ensures that your focus remains on enjoying the beauty and thrill of the great outdoors.

US Safety Kits: Keeping You Safe on Every Adventure.

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