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CPR Mannequin Accessories

CPR Mannequin Accessories



When it comes to CPR training, having the right tools and accessories can make all the difference in honing your life-saving skills. CPR Mannequin Accessories are designed to complement CPR mannequins and provide a more comprehensive training experience. In this article, we'll explore essential CPR Mannequin Accessories and their role in CPR training.

Brayden Mannequin Jacket

Brayden Mannequin JacketFor use wit..


Mannequin Mat Bag for Single Manikin

Brayden Mannequin Mat Bag for S..


Trolley Bag for 4 Mannequins

Brayden Trolley Bag for 4 ..


AeroLung Brayden Lung Kit 24 pack

AeroLung Brayden Mannequin ..


CPR Mannequin Face Shields 36 pack

AEROSHIELD CPR Mannequin Face S..


Brayden Mannequin Face Skin

Brayden Mannequin Face SkinReplacem..


Brayden Mannequin Body Skin

Brayden Mannequin Body SkinReplacem..


Brayden LED Mannequin Head Unit

Brayden LED Mannequin Head UnitRepl..


Brayden LED Mannequin Chin

Brayden LED Mannequin ChinReplaceme..


Brayden LED Mannequin Body Frame

Brayden LED Mannequin Body Fra..


Brayden LED Mannequin Rib

Brayden LED Mannequin  Ri..


Brayden Mannequin CPR Clicker

Brayden Mannequin CPR ClickerReplac..


Brayden Mannequin Adult Spring

Brayden Mannequin Adult SpringRepla..


Brayden Mannequin CPR Actuator

Brayden Mannequin CPR ActuatorRepla..


Brayden Mannequin Face Connection

Brayden Mannequin Face Connect..


Brayden Mannequin Airway Valve

Brayden Mannequin Airway ValveRepla..


Brayden Mannequin AC Adapter

Brayden Mannequin AC AdapterReplace..


Enhance Your CPR Training with CPR Mannequin Accessories

What Are CPR Mannequin Accessories?

CPR Mannequin Accessories are additional components and add-ons that enhance the functionality and realism of CPR mannequins. These accessories are designed to simulate various aspects of CPR scenarios, creating a more immersive training environment.

Essential CPR Mannequin Accessories

Here are some essential CPR Mannequin Accessories:

  • Mannequin Jackets: These are protective covers that fit over the CPR mannequin's body. They provide hygiene and protection for the mannequin's skin, making them ideal for repeated use during training sessions.
  • Mannequin Mat Bags: Mat bags are designed to hold and transport CPR mannequins conveniently. They typically feature handles and durable materials for easy storage and portability.
  • Mannequin Face Skin: Replaceable face skins for CPR mannequins ensure that learners practice proper head positioning and mouth-to-mouth ventilation techniques. These skin replacements offer a fresh surface for each training session.
  • Mannequin Body Skin: Just like face skins, body skins are replaceable parts that maintain hygiene and realism. They allow trainees to perform chest compressions and assess vital signs effectively.

Enhancing CPR Training

CPR Mannequin Accessories enhance the overall training experience by providing a more realistic and durable platform for learners. Here are some benefits:

  • Hygiene: Accessories like mannequin jackets and replaceable skins ensure that CPR mannequins remain clean and safe for use, especially in group training environments.
  • Portability: Mat bags make it easy to transport CPR mannequins to different training locations, allowing for flexibility in training setups.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Investing in accessories prolongs the lifespan of CPR mannequins, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving training costs.

Where to Find CPR Mannequin Accessories

If you're looking to purchase CPR Mannequin Accessories, you can find them at medical supply stores, CPR training centers, and online retailers specializing in CPR training equipment. It's essential to choose accessories that are compatible with your specific CPR mannequin model to ensure a seamless fit.


CPR Mannequin Accessories are valuable additions to CPR training sessions, offering enhanced hygiene, portability, and cost-efficiency. Whether you're a CPR instructor or a trainee, these accessories can contribute to a more effective and realistic CPR training experience.

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