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Safety Vests

Safety Vests


Safety Vests have become a crucial component in various industries and situations, ensuring high visibility and safety. Whether it's for construction, road work, or emergency situations, these vests play a vital role in workplace safety. The availability of safety vests custom options, including safety vests with company logo and safety vest logo designs, further enhances their utility by adding a level of professionalism and brand identity.

Class 2 Short Sleeve Safety T-Shirt Lime

Cool ideas in lightweight, hi-vis a..


Class 2 Solid Mesh Safety Vest Lime

Higher visibilty at a lower price p..


Class 2 Solid Mesh Safety Vest Orange

Higher visibilty at a lower price p..


Class 2 Surveyors Safety Vest Lime

Class 2 Surveyors Safety Vests Lim..


Class 2 Surveyors Safety Vest Orange

Class 2 Surveyors Safety Vests - Or..


Class 2 Two-Tone Mesh Safety Vest Lime

 Class 2 Two-Tone Mesh Safety ..


Class 2 Two-Tone Mesh Safety Vest Orange

 Class 2 Two-Tone Mesh Safety ..


General-Purpose Mesh Safety Vest, Lime w/o Stripes, 1/Each

General-Purpose Mesh Safety Vests ..


Safety Vests: Essential Gear for Visibility and Protection

Visibility is of the utmost importance when any road or roadside work is being done. Be it you and your team investigating the scene of an accident or doing construction roadwork, everybody involved should be clearly visible to motorists, day or night.

The easiest way to go about making workers visible is with high visibility safety vests. To meet the needs of anyone working on the road or roadside, we offer both ANSI Class I and II vests as well as non-ANSI safety vests to help meet any requirements and regulations. All of our vests are available in high-visibility colors, and many of our reflective high visibility vests meet ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 standards. If non-ANSI safety vests are sufficient enough for your requirements, ours come in fluorescent orange or yellow and satisfy MUTCD standards.

Prepare yourself and anyone else around you with high visibility vests to make sure you are visible to motorists, even in less than ideal conditions, to ensure whatever road or roadside work is done safely and without worry.

The Importance of Safety Vests

High Visibility and Safety

  • Safety Vests Orange: Known for their high visibility, orange safety vests are a standard in many industries, ensuring that workers are easily seen in various environments.
  • Auto Safety Vests: Essential for roadside emergencies, these vests increase the visibility of individuals near traffic, enhancing safety during vehicle breakdowns or accidents.

Customization Options

  • Safety Vests Custom: Customizable safety vests allow for the inclusion of specific features, such as pockets or specific designs, tailored to meet individual or company needs.
  • Safety Vests with Company Logo and Safety Vests with Custom Logo: Adding a company logo or custom design to safety vests not only promotes brand recognition but also fosters a sense of team unity.

Safety Vests are an indispensable tool for enhancing safety through visibility. They are not only crucial for personal protection but also serve as a canvas for company branding. Whether it’s the universally recognized safety vests orange for general use or auto safety vests for roadside emergencies, these vests ensure that safety is always in the forefront. Customizing these vests with logos or specific designs further adds value, making them an essential item for businesses and individuals alike who prioritize safety and visibility.

US Safety Kits: Prioritizing Safety and Visibility with Quality Safety Vests.

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