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Truck Spill Kits

Truck Spill Kits


In the trucking industry, being prepared for unexpected spills is not just a matter of cleanliness but also of safety and environmental responsibility. Truck Spill Kits are designed to effectively handle truck spills, especially those involving hazardous materials like fuel and oil. Understanding what is a spill kit and ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with one is crucial for any truck driver or fleet operator.

USKITS Truck Spill Kit Plus DOT Compliant Emergency Triangles in a Box

Truck Spill Kit Plus DOT Complia..


USKITS Truck Spill Kit

USKITS Truck Spill Kit - Unive..


USKITS Truck Economy Spill Kit

Truck Economy Spill Kit  ..


Advanced NEMT DOT OSHA Compliant Kit with 25 Person ANSI First Aid Kit



USKITS Basic NEMT DOT OSHA All-in-One Kit with 25 Person ANSI First Aid Kit

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USKITS NEMT DOT OSHA Compliant All-in-One Kit with 25 Person ANSI First Aid Kit

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USKITS Bloodborne Pathogen/Body Fluid Spill Kit

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Truck Spill Kits: Essential for Handling On-the-Road Incidents

Our truck spill kits are a great way to get your truck, bus, van, or other vehicle ready to handle a variety of liquid spills, such as oils, coolants, solvents, and other types in a convenient package. Depending on the type, if not promptly and properly cleaned, further issues may occur such as damaged property or the spread of potential biohazard waste from body fluids. Don’t take a risk and be prepared with one of our truck spill kits, to minimize the spread of whatever type of spill occurs.

Our kits come with a convenient duffel bag containing heavy-weight absorbent pads, absorbent socs, nitrile gloves, a disposal bag, and a hazmat waste label at the minimum. As you go up the sets, more items are included depending on the kit such as additional absorbent pads, socks, bags, waste labels, but also a dust mask and goggle. On top of that, our Plus kit contains a Reflective Triangle Warning kit, that meets or exceeds all DOT FMVSS 125 requirements.

The Importance of Truck Spill Kits

Immediate Response to Spills

  • Truck Spill Kits are essential for quickly and safely managing spills that occur during transportation, minimizing environmental damage and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Fuel Spill Kits and Oil Spill Kits: Specifically designed to handle fuel and oil spills, these kits contain absorbents and containment tools to manage such incidents effectively.

Components and Varieties of Spill Kits

  • Spill Kit for Oil and Spill Kit for Trucks: These kits include absorbents, protective gloves, disposal bags, and sometimes booms or pads for larger spills.
  • Truck Spill Containment: Focuses on containing the spill to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage or hazards.

Understanding and Utilizing Spill Kits

Essential Knowledge and Equipment

  • What is a Spill Kit?: A spill kit is a collection of items used to clean up and manage spills, particularly those involving hazardous substances.
  • Liquid Spills and Liquid Spill: Handling these quickly is essential to maintain safety and prevent environmental contamination.

Regulations and Winter Preparedness

  • DOT Truck Spill Kit Requirements: These regulations specify what kind of spill kits trucks must carry, especially those transporting hazardous materials.
  • Vehicle Safety Kits for Winter: While focused on general vehicle safety, these kits often include items useful in managing spills that occur in winter conditions.
  • Fuel Spill Kit Contents: Typically include absorbents, protective gear, and tools for safely managing and disposing of fuel spills.

Survival and Safety

  • Vehicle Survival Kits and Vehicle Spill Kits: These kits not only address survival in emergencies but also equip drivers to handle spills effectively.
  • Vehicle Spill Kit: A compact version designed for smaller spills, essential for any vehicle, especially those transporting liquids.

Truck Spill Kits are an indispensable tool for ensuring safety, environmental protection, and compliance on the road. Equipped with the necessary items to handle truck spills, especially those involving hazardous materials like fuel and oil, these kits are a vital part of any truck's equipment. Understanding their importance and ensuring that vehicles are equipped with appropriate spill kits can significantly enhance safety and preparedness in the trucking industry.

US Safety Kits: Ensuring Road Safety and Environmental Responsibility with Comprehensive Truck Spill Solutions.

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