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Casualty Response Kits

Casualty Response Kits


In the critical moments following an accident or emergency, the Casualty Response Kit plays a pivotal role. Designed to provide immediate assistance in various emergency situations, these kits are essential in workplaces, public spaces, and homes. They are not just collections of medical supplies; they represent a preparedness mindset, ensuring that help is available when seconds count. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Kit is a critical asset for high-risk environments where immediate medical intervention is essential. Designed for military personnel, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts, these kits provide rapid and effective care for severe traumatic injuries

USKITS Battlefield Trauma Kit with 2 CAT Tourniquets in Breakaway Pouch

USKITS Battlefield Trauma Kit with ..


USKITS Individual Bleeding Control Poly Kit

The USKITS Individual Bleeding Cont..


USKITS Premium Trauma Kit with CAT Tourniquet

USKITS Premium Trauma Kit with CAT ..


USKITS Standard Trauma Kit with CAT Tourniquet

USKITS Standard Trauma Kit with CAT..



Kit Content: (1) SRO Tactical ..


USKITS All In One Trauma Backpack Kit

Modular DesignTrauma Kit Module:(1)..


USKITS All In One Trauma Backpack Kit With CAT Tourniquet

USKITS All In One Trauma Backpack K..


USKITS All In One Trauma in Duffel Bag Kit

USKITS All In One Trauma Duffel Bag..


USKITS All In One Trauma in Duffel Bag Kit With CAT Tourniquet

USKITS All In One Trauma Duffel Bag..


USKITS Ready Response Trauma Kit

Most adult males take approximately..


Army CLS ReSupply Kit

The Army Combat Life Saver (CLS)..


USKITS Premium Multi-Trauma Kit with 2 CAT Tourniquets

USKITS Premium Multi-Trauma Kit wit..


USKITS Individual Bleeding Control Kit

The USKITS Individual Bleeding Cont..


Ocho IFAK-Basic

The Ocho IFAK is compact, low vi..



Designed to solve problems, not..



The USCG Mini IFAK is design..


USCG Trauma and First Aid Boating Kit

Meet and exceed the United Stat..


Tiered Trauma Medical Bag Ensemble (TTMB)

The five-piece modular TTMB (Ti..


Combat Casualty Response Kit- Individual

The Combat Casualty Response Kit..


Combat Casualty Response Squad Kit

The innovative Combat Casualty R..


K9 RUF Kit with S-Rolled Gauze

The K9 RUF Kit carries a minimum..


Ready Chest Pouch with ChitoGauze Pro

The Ready Chest Pouch provid..


Quiklitter- Standard

Product Information: Co..



Product Information: Co..


Ready Aid Kit with ChitoGauze Pro

Tactical Healthcare Profess..


Quiklitter Lite

Product Information: Pe..


K-9 Litter with Carry Strap

The K9 Litter is a lightweight, ..



The standard casualty response ..


Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units Medical Kit (EODMK)

The standard casualty response ..


Combat Casualty Response Medic Trauma Pack

The Combat Casualty Response Med..


Expeditionary Casualty Response Kit (ECRK)

The Expeditionary Casualty Response..


WALK ReSupply Kit

The WALK ReSupply Kit makes it ea..


Mini Responder 4in ETD- Set of 5

Product Information: Sm..


Naval Gun Response Aid Kit

The Naval Gun Response Aid Kit w..


Rapid Response Kit- Rescue Task Force Edition

Product Information: · ..


Rescue Task Force Chest Pouch Medical Kit

Product Information: ..


Mass Crisis Incident Kit

Product Information: ..


EMS Rapid Deployment Kit

Product Information: ..


SRO Crisis Response Kit

Product Information: ..


SRO Individual Response Kit

Product Information: An..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Basic

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Basic with Combat Gauze

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Advanced with Gauze Options

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


R.E.E.L. Non-Rigid Litter (Rapid Expeditionary Evacuation Litter)

The Rapid Expeditionary Evacuation ..


Talon II Model 90C - Collapsible Handle Litter

The upgraded Talon II 90C is the mo..


T3 Lightweight Assault Litter

Our Newest Evolution of Evacuation ..


Oversized Litter (OSL)

Designed to safely evacuate larger ..


Medevac Litter

The MedEvac Litter is the ultimate ..


Wheeled Litter Carrier with Case (Litter NOT Included)

The Talon Wheeled Litter Carrier is..


Combat Casualty Response Kit Medic/Leg Rig

The Combat Casualty Response K..


Maritime Assault Kit

The Maritime Assault Kit is ..


Naval Boat Response Aid Kit

The Naval Boat Response Aid ..


Warrior Aid and Litter Kit (WALK)

We listen. We learn. We act. We dev..


Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) - Black

1.Official Tourniquet of the U.S..


Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) - Orange

1.Official Tourniquet of the U.S..


Jett Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool

The Junctional Emergency Treatment ..


SOF Tactical Tourniquet



Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet - Stabilized (AAJT-S)

The Abdominal Aortic and Junctional..


SOF Tourniquet- Gen 4

The SOF® Tourniquet Generation 4 ..


K9 Tourniquet

The K9 Tourniquet has been engine..


Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) Tourniquet - Black

CoTCCC RecommendedThe Tactical Mech..


TQ-RAM - TMT Tourniquet Accessory

TMT Tourniquet NOT Included!The TQ-..


FullStop Tourniquet - Black

The Prometheus FullStop tourniquet ..


FullStop Tourniquet - Hi-Viz

The Prometheus FullStop tourniquet ..


Casualty Response Kits: Preparing for the Unpredictable

Our casualty response kits are the perfect thing for those deployed on dangerous missions or warrants, as they offer the most critical parts of a trauma kit in a durable and portable kit to take on the go. No important piece is spared with these, as depending on the kit they will usually include quality tourniquets, hemostatic agents, gauze, chest seals, shears, splints and anything else that would be needed to stabilize an injury. This is critical as massive hemorrhage can happen and end quickly, so the longer treatment of such a injury greatly diminishes the chance of a recovery. With these comprehensive and durable kits, when going into the most dangerous situation you and your team can be prepared should the worst happen, and seconds matter.

The tactical emergency casualty care kit is an indispensable tool for first responders and military personnel, designed to provide rapid and effective medical intervention in high-stress situations. With specialized equipment and training, it enables swift treatment of life-threatening injuries in the field, saving lives in critical scenarios.

Comprehensive Solutions for Emergency Situations

Emergency Response Kit and Emergency Response Equipment List

  • Emergency Response Kits are tailored to provide a broad range of tools and supplies for different types of emergencies.
  • An Emergency Response Equipment List helps ensure that your kit is stocked with all the necessary items for effective response.

Emergency Response Kit Contents and Casualty Response Kit

  • Understanding your Emergency Response Kits Contents is crucial for being prepared to handle emergencies effectively.
  • A Casualty Response Kit is specifically designed for situations involving injuries, providing immediate medical aid until professional help arrives.

Specialized Kits for Varied Needs

Trauma Response Kit and Warrior Protection Kit

  • The Trauma Response Kits are equipped with medical supplies focused on treating severe injuries, such as bleeding control tools and trauma dressings.
  • The Warrior Protection Kits are intended for high-risk environments, offering advanced protective and medical gear.

Emergency Response Kits for the Workplace

Workplaces present unique challenges in emergencies. Emergency Response Kit for the Workplace are designed to address a variety of potential incidents, from minor injuries to more severe medical situations.

Kits Tailored for Responders

Medic Response and First Aid for First Responders

  • Medic Response kits are equipped for medical professionals and trained responders, containing advanced medical supplies.
  • First Medical Responder First Aid Kit focuses on providing immediate, basic medical care in the crucial moments following an incident.

Responder Kit, Responder IFAK, and Response Kit

  • Responder Kits are comprehensive kits containing essential supplies for various types of emergency responders.
  • The Responder IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is a compact kit designed for individual responders to carry essential supplies.
  • A general Response Kits is versatile and can be used in a variety of emergency situations.

In an emergency, the availability of a Casualty Response Kit can be a game-changer. These kits are not just about treating injuries; they're about instilling confidence and providing the means to take control in chaotic situations. Whether it's a workplace accident, a public emergency, or a home incident, having a well-prepared casualty response kit means being ready to act when every moment counts.

US Safety Kits: Empowering You to Respond When It Matters Most.

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