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First Responders Empty Bags

First Responders Empty Bags


For emergency medical personnel, firefighters, and other first responders, having the right bag is as important as the equipment it carries. First Responders Empty Bags offer the flexibility to customize kits based on specific needs and situations. These bags, designed for durability and accessibility, provide a vital foundation for organizing and transporting essential medical and rescue gear.

G3+ BackUp EMS Backpack

Looking for an EMS trauma backpack ..


Gear Bag

• 16” x 21” x 15” main hold • 10..


G3+ Perfusion EMS Backpack

The hybrid design of the G3+ Perfus..


Resque Gear Bag

 Multiple pockets to hold and sep..


Large Trauma Bag 1690 ci

 600D polyester • 12” x 14” x 9”..


Trauma-Responder Bag 1190 ci

• 7” x 17” x 10” main hold • 8”..


G3+ Tidal Volume EMS Backpack

G3+ Tidal Volume ApplicationsThe G3..


Small Trauma Bag 930 ci

Small Trauma Bag is built with..


G3+ Breather EMS Backpack

The G3+ Breather EMS airway bag can..


G3+ Medslinger EMS Medic Bag

We built the Medslinger for medics,..


G3+ Quicklook AED EMS Backpack

The G3+ Quicklook AED backpack can ..


G3+ Load And Go EMS Backpack

G3+ Load-N-Go ApplicationsThe G3+ L..


G3+ Clinician 3 Cell EMS Backpack

The G3+ Clinician EMS jump bag can ..


G3+ Responder EMS Backpack

The G3+ Responder large EMS bag can..


Firefighter Bag With Wheels

Firefighter Bag With Wheels Design..


G3+ Airway Cell

The Airway Cell is one of four in t..


G3+ Intravenous Cell

The Intravenous Cell is one of four..


G3+ Universal Cell

This universal medic organization c..


G3+ Medicine Cell

The G3+ Medicine Cell is considered..


G3+ First Aid Quickroll Intubation Kit

Lightweight and compact, this emerg..


G3+ Circulatory Kit

IV Kit that Keeps IV Therapies Orga..


G3+ Oxygen Module

The Minimalist EMS Oxygen Module to..


G3+ Remedy Kit

The full-length zipper allows you t..


G3+ Narx Kit

G3+ cells and kits are all backward..


First Responders Empty Bags: Versatile Foundations for Emergency Kits

Our first responder bags are carefully designed with the professional user in mind, with consideration done to design, organization and durability. The bags are designed with specific uses and equipment in mind to make sure they are not just a generic bag for any and all equipment, but a perfect fit for protecting and rapidly deploying the tools within. The externals have also been carefully planned out, as the bright and reflective designs offer high visibility even in low light conditions, and have an external coated material that is easy to clean, and effective against both the elements as well as blood borne pathogens. 

A first responders bag is a comprehensive kit containing essential medical supplies like bandages, splints, and airway management tools, tailored for rapid deployment in emergencies. This portable resource ensures that first responders have immediate access to critical equipment, enabling them to provide prompt and effective medical care at the scene of incidents.

Please note that these bags come without any medical devices or contents.

Customizing Bags for Emergency Response

First Responders Bags and First Responders EMS

  • First Responders Bags are specialized carriers designed to hold a variety of medical and rescue equipment.
  • In First Responders EMS, these bags are often customized with specific tools and supplies for medical emergencies.

EMS Bags Empty and First Responder Backpack

  • EMS Bags Empty allow for tailored organization of medical supplies, ensuring that everything needed is readily accessible.
  • A First Responder Backpack is a versatile option, providing hands-free convenience and mobility.

Types of First Responder Bags

First Responder Go Bag and First Responder Trauma Bag

  • The First Responder Go Bag is designed for quick deployment, equipped with essential items for immediate response.
  • A First Responder Trauma Bag focuses on trauma care supplies, from bandages to advanced medical tools.

First Responder First Aid Bag and Tactical First Aid Bag

  • The First Responder First Aid Bag contains basic first aid items, suitable for a wide range of emergency situations.
  • A Tactical First Aid Bag is more rugged, designed for use in high-risk environments like law enforcement or military operations.

Specialized Bags for Various First Responder Roles

Tactical First Aid Backpack, Firefighter Bag, and Medic Bag

  • A Tactical First Aid Backpack is ideal for carrying a comprehensive medical kit in tactical situations.
  • The Firefighter Bag is designed to withstand the rigors of firefighting, offering quick access to tools and safety equipment.
  • A Medic Bag is tailored to the needs of medical personnel, providing organized storage for a range of medical supplies.

Medical Backpack, Medical Bag Tactical, and Medic Backpack

  • A Medical Backpack offers a balanced solution for carrying medical equipment over longer distances.
  • Medical Bag Tactical designs combine the functionality of medical bags with the durability required for tactical use.
  • Medic Backpacks and Medic Bags are essential for paramedics and EMTs, providing organized compartments for emergency medical supplies.

Variety in Medical and Rescue Bags

Medical Bags, Rescue Bags, and Gear Bag

  • Medical Bags come in various sizes and configurations, each designed to cater to specific medical needs.
  • Rescue Bags are built for search and rescue operations, equipped to carry specialized rescue gear.
  • A Gear Bag is a general-purpose bag, suitable for carrying a range of equipment and supplies.

Trauma Bag, First Aid Bag Empty, and Trauma Bags

  • Trauma Bags are specifically designed for trauma care, equipped to deal with severe injuries.
  • An Empty First Aid Bag provides a blank canvas for creating a custom first aid kit.
  • Trauma Bags often feature compartments and pouches for organized storage of trauma supplies.

Medical Bags Military: Built for the Battlefield

  • Medical Bags Military are designed for the demanding conditions of military use, offering robustness and reliability.

First Responders Empty Bags are more than just storage solutions; they are crucial components in the quick and effective delivery of emergency care. By allowing first responders to tailor their kits, these bags ensure that they are always prepared with the right equipment for any situation they might encounter. From the streets to the battlefield, having a well-organized and reliable bag can make all the difference in emergency response.

US Safety Kits: Supporting First Responders with Quality Gear Solutions. 

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