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AAA Approved Car Kits

AAA Approved Car Kits


For anyone who spends time on the road, AAA Approved Car Kits have become synonymous with safety and reliability. These kits, endorsed by the American Automobile Association (AAA), include a range of tools and supplies designed to assist in various roadside emergencies. With options like imprinted AAA approved auto kits, these essential items also offer an opportunity for businesses to promote their brand while prioritizing customer safety.

AAA Commuter Kit - 85 Piece

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AAA Road Trip Kit - 121 Piece

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42 Piece Emergency Kit - AAA approved

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64 Piece Traveler Road Kit - AAA Approved

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66 Piece Winter Emergency Car Kit - AAA Approved

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76 Piece Road Emergency Kit - AAA approved

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AAA Tune Up Kit - 53 Piece

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AAA Approved Car Kits: Essential for Roadside Safety and Preparedness

Imprinted AAA Approved Automotive Kits

Prepare your employees and clients with imprinted AAA approved automotive kits, to not only help keep them safe but to also remind them of your brand, since these items are practical and will always be kept on hand.

And when the worst case inevitably occurs, they will be grateful that you helped them be prepare.

Essentials of AAA Approved Car Kits

AAA Emergency Kits for Cars and AAA Car Kits

  • AAA Emergency Kits for Cars are comprehensive sets that contain essential items for handling common roadside issues, from flat tires to mechanical failures.
  • AAA Car Kits often include items like jumper cables, tire sealant, and a flashlight, ensuring you’re prepared for unexpected situations.

AAA Auto Emergency Kit and AAA Road Kit

  • An AAA Auto Emergency Kit is a must-have for every driver, providing peace of mind with tools and supplies vetted by one of the most trusted names in automotive safety.
  • The AAA Road Kit focuses on essentials for road travel, making it an ideal companion for long drives and road trips.

Customization and Branding Opportunities

Imprinted AAA Approved Auto Kits and Imprinted AAA Approved Car Kits

  • Imprinted AAA Approved Auto Kits allow businesses to add their branding to a trusted product, enhancing their marketing efforts.
  • Imprinted AAA Approved Car Kits can include a company’s logo, making them excellent promotional items for corporate events or client gifts.

Promo First Aid Kit and Promotional Items with Company Logo

  • A Promo First Aid Kit is a practical addition to any car emergency kit, offering basic medical supplies for minor injuries.
  • Including Promotional Items with Company Logo in car kits turns a safety essential into a marketing tool.

Specialized AAA Kits for Various Needs

AAA Winter Car Emergency Kit and Custom AAA Car Kits

  • The AAA Winter Car Emergency Kit is tailored for cold weather conditions, including items like an ice scraper, thermal blanket, and traction aids.
  • Custom AAA Car Kits can be personalized to suit specific customer demographics or corporate needs.

AAA Approved Car Kits are not just about meeting a standard; they're about exceeding expectations in roadside emergency preparedness. Whether it’s a basic AAA emergency car kit or a custom AAA car kit with added promotional value, these kits provide essential tools and supplies to handle road emergencies confidently. By opting for kits with imprinted logos, businesses can extend their brand reach while demonstrating a commitment to customer safety and well-being.

US Safety Kits: Partnering in Road Safety and Brand Promotion.

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