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In emergency situations, an effective Evacuation plan is crucial. Whether it's due to natural disasters, fires, or other unforeseen events, being prepared with the right equipment can make a significant difference. This is where Evacuation Kits and specialized evacuation gear come into play, ensuring that individuals and groups can exit hazardous areas safely and efficiently.

ARK Casualty Throw Kit

The ARK Casualty Throw Kit contains..


Quiklitter- Standard

Product Information: Co..



Product Information: Co..


Quiklitter Lite

Product Information: Pe..


K-9 Litter with Carry Strap

The K9 Litter is a lightweight, ..


R.E.E.L. Non-Rigid Litter (Rapid Expeditionary Evacuation Litter)

The Rapid Expeditionary Evacuation ..


Talon II Model 90C - Collapsible Handle Litter

The upgraded Talon II 90C is the mo..


T3 Lightweight Assault Litter

Our Newest Evolution of Evacuation ..


Oversized Litter (OSL)

Designed to safely evacuate larger ..


Medevac Litter

The MedEvac Litter is the ultimate ..


Wheeled Litter Carrier with Case (Litter NOT Included)

The Talon Wheeled Litter Carrier is..


Evacuation: Preparing for Safe and Efficient Emergency Exits

When an incident occurs with multiple victims and there aren't enough stretchers for everyone, carry litters can quickly come into play. They are not only a cost effective option but are compact and have multiple carry points. These could also be useful for groups that hike in the woods or any non-permissive location, as if someone within the group gets a bad injury in a non-accessible location for ambulances or stretchers, the other members are able to more comfortably carry the individual to where the professional help is ready to take over. 

Coming in a more compact form than standard stretchers but with good durability and features, our carry litters are a good option for emergency response teams that need to quickly move multiple victims away from the site as quickly and safely as possible. 

Key Components of Evacuation Preparedness

Evacuation Kit and Evacuation Kits

  • An Evacuation Kit typically includes essential items needed to survive and stay safe during an emergency evacuation.
  • Evacuation Kits are often tailored to specific scenarios, such as natural disasters or building evacuations, and can vary in contents based on the number of people they are designed to support.

Evacuation Emergency Kit: A Must-Have for Every Household and Organization

Having an Evacuation Emergency Kit is vital for quick and efficient response to emergency scenarios. These kits are designed to include:

  • Basic survival items like water, food, flashlights, and first aid supplies.
  • Important documents and items specific to personal needs, such as medications.

Specialized Equipment for Evacuation

Carry Litters and Litter Carry Army

  • Carry Litters are essential for transporting injured or incapacitated individuals during evacuations.
  • The Litter Carry Army design is often used for its durability and effectiveness in various terrains.

Litter to Carry Person and QuikLitter

  • A Litter to Carry Person is a crucial tool in evacuations, especially when quick and safe transport of individuals is necessary.
  • QuikLitter is a lightweight, cost-effective emergency carry litter, designed for rapid deployment.

Advanced Litter Solutions for Evacuation

Evacuation Litter and T3 Lightweight Assault Litter

  • An Evacuation Litter is a device used for carrying injured or immobile people in an evacuation scenario.
  • The T3 Lightweight Assault Litter is a military-grade option, known for its light weight and portability, making it suitable for quick-response scenarios.

Wheeled Litter Carrier and Military Wheeled Litter Carrier

  • A Wheeled Litter Carrier allows for easier transportation of individuals, especially over longer distances or rough terrain.
  • The Military Wheeled Litter Carrier is a robust option, designed to handle the rigors of challenging environments.

Evacuation preparedness is about anticipating the unexpected and being equipped to handle it efficiently. From individual households to large organizations, having the right evacuation kit and gear is essential. In critical moments, equipment like carry litters and wheeled carriers can be invaluable, ensuring that everyone, including those who are injured or vulnerable, can be safely evacuated. Planning ahead and being equipped with the right tools can make all the difference in ensuring safety during an emergency evacuation.

US Safety Kits: Empowering Safe and Efficient Evacuation Strategies.

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