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Bleeding Control Kits

Bleeding Control Kits


In moments of crisis, particularly when dealing with traumatic injuries, Bleeding Control Kits become essential life saving tools. Whether in public spaces, at work, or in the home, having access to these specialized kits can make a crucial difference in emergency situations.

CAT Holder

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USKITS Battlefield Trauma Kit with 2 CAT Tourniquets in Breakaway Pouch

USKITS Battlefield Trauma Kit with ..


USKITS Individual Bleeding Control Poly Kit

The USKITS Individual Bleeding Cont..



Kit Content: (1) SRO Tactical ..


USKITS Ready Response Trauma Kit

Most adult males take approximately..


USKITS Premium Multi-Trauma Kit with 2 CAT Tourniquets

USKITS Premium Multi-Trauma Kit wit..


USKITS Individual Bleeding Control Kit

The USKITS Individual Bleeding Cont..


Stop the Bleed- Bleeding Control Kit

The Stop the Bleed- Bleeding..


HyFin Chest Seal- Vented- Twin Pack

SPECSDesigned for the prevention, m..


HyFin Compact Chest Seal- Vented- Twin Pack

SPECSSmaller packaging, approximate..


Surgical Airway Kit

Kit Content:  1x Tracheo..


Stop the Bleed- Bleeding Control Kit- TRAINER

The Stop the Bleed- Bleedin..


Individual Bleeding Control Kit-Vacuum Sealed

The Individual Bleeding Control ..


Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit-8 Pack- Nylon Packs

The Public Access Individua..


Individual Bleeding Control Kit

Designed to provide essentia..


Individual Bleeding Control Station

The Individual Bleeding Control ..


Individual Bleeding Control Kit-Nylon

The Individual Bleeding Cont..


Individual Bleeding Control Kit-Twin Pack

The Individual Bleeding Control ..


Bleeding Control Station - 5 pack

The Basic Bleeding Control Stat..


Individual Bleeding Control Kit-5 Pack

The Individual Bleeding Cont..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Basic

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Basic with Combat Gauze

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Advanced with Gauze Options

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


Ankle Medical Kit with Comp Gauze

The Ankle Medical Kit with Comp Gau..


Bleeding Control Kit-8-Pack

The Individual Bleeding Control ..


Bleeding Control Station-8 Nylon Packs

The Bleeding Control Station- 8 ..


Bleeding Control Station- 8 Pack

The Bleeding Control Station..


School Trauma Kit

Kit ..


Bleeding Control Recessed Metal Wall Case

The Bleeding Control Metal Reces..


Celox 2g Granules- 10 Pack

Celox™ Granules can stop even poten..


Celox 2g Granules- Case of 200

Celox™ Granules can stop even poten..


Celox Rapid Z-Fold- 3" x 5'

Specifications Stops severe bl..


Celox Applicator- Quick Granule Application

Promotes rapid and effective contro..


Celox Granules-15g Pack

Safe, easy to use, cost effective a..


Bleeding Control Unit Wall Case

The Bleeding Control Kit Clear W..


Celox Nosebleed Dressing Kit

Celox Nosebleed dressing is a nasal..


Outdoor Essential Stop Bleeding Kit

Outdoor Essential Stop Bleeding ..


Celox 4x4 inch Hemostatic Gauze Pad

A person can bleed to death in as l..


5ft. CELOX Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze

-   The most effec..


Celox-A Applicator for Gunshot Wounds

The Celox-A is the first hemostat..


SAM Splint II

The malleable SAM® Splint II is ..


S-Rolled Gauze

S-Rolled Gauze is the ideal solu..


Celox 8x8 inch Hemostatic Gauze pads- Stop the Bleed! DHS Approved!

A person who is bleeding can die..


Celox Gauze 5x3 Roll-Stop the bleed! DHS Approved!

Easy to Use Hemostatic Gauze..


Bleeding Control Kits: Vital Tools for Emergency Response

When treating yourself or a patient due to a wound that is causing excessive blood loss, stopping the bleed becomes top priority above all else for a chance at survival. A proper portable kit with the right tools can literally be a life-saver in a life-or-death situation. If you are a medical professional, someone who does security, works with power tools, shooting enthusiast or even just an individual who wants to be ready in case the worst happens- having a kit to treat blood loss with or near you is a must. 

Our kits typically include a tourniquet, a hemostatic bleeding control dressings, nitrile gloves and more. For non-medical professionals the smaller kits are perfect to just throw in your every day bag with you on the go. They are a much preferable and reliable option, rather then trying to use a belt or piece of clothing which could easily rip or not hold at the exact pressure you need to stop the bleeding.

Understanding the Importance of Bleeding Control

Public Access Bleeding Control Kits: A Community Lifeline

Public access bleeding control kits are designed to be user-friendly and accessible in public spaces like schools, offices, and community centers. They play a critical role in providing immediate response to bleeding emergencies.

What is a Bleed Control Kit?

A bleed control kit is a collection of medical supplies specifically designed to stop severe bleeding. It typically includes items such as tourniquets, pressure dressings, and hemostatic agents.

Components of Effective Bleeding Control Kits

What is a Stop the Bleed Kit?

A stop the bleed kit is part of a national initiative aimed at educating and equipping the public to respond to bleeding emergencies. These kits are crucial for providing first response in situations where professional medical help is not immediately available.

Bleeding Control First Aid Kit: A Must-Have for Emergency Preparedness

A bleeding control first aid kit should be a staple in every emergency preparedness kit, containing essential items to manage and stop severe bleeding. These kits are critical for stabilizing the victim until professional medical care can be provided.

Specialized Kits for Specific Needs

What is a Bleed Kit? and Emergency Bleed Control Kit

  • What is a bleed kit? It's a compact and portable collection of bleeding control supplies designed for quick and effective response to severe bleeding.
  • An emergency bleed control kit is an advanced version, equipped with additional tools for more complex or multiple injury scenarios.

Stop Bleed Kits and Emergency Blood Kit

  • Stop bleed kits are specifically designed to provide immediate response capabilities for traumatic bleeding incidents.
  • An emergency blood kit includes supplies not only for bleeding control but also for managing the overall condition of a person losing a significant amount of blood.

Trauma Bleeding Control: A Focus on Severe Trauma Response

In cases of severe trauma, trauma bleeding control measures become crucial. These kits are tailored to address heavy bleeding often associated with traumatic injuries, providing essential tools to manage and stop the bleeding effectively.

Bleeding Control Kits are not just medical equipment; they are potential lifesavers in critical moments. Whether it's a roadside accident, workplace injury, or a public emergency, having these kits readily available can be the difference between life and death. They empower individuals to take immediate action, potentially saving lives before professional medical help arrives.

US Safety Kits: Empowering You to Save Lives in Critical Moments.

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