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Hemostatic Bandage

Hemostatic Bandage


In the crucial moments of trauma care, a Hemostatic Bandage can be the difference between life and death. Designed to rapidly stop bleeding, these bandages have transformed the way wounds, particularly those that are life-threatening, are treated. Hemostatic bandages are not just another piece of medical equipment; they are lifesavers, especially in situations where every second counts.

ChitoGauze XR2 Pro Hemostatic Bandage

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NuStat Hemostatic Dressing- 4x4

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HyFin Chest Seal- Vented- Twin Pack

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HyFin Compact Chest Seal- Vented- Twin Pack

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NuStat Hemostatic Dressing Roll- 2x36

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ChitoGauze Hemostatic Bandage OTC- 3in x 48in

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ChitoGauze Hemostatic Bandage OTC- 3IN X 4YDS

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Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Basic

The Basic Tactical Operator Respons..


Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Basic with Combat Gauze

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Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Advanced with Gauze Options

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Celox 2g Granules- 10 Pack

Celox™ Granules can stop even poten..


Celox 2g Granules- Case of 200

Celox™ Granules can stop even poten..


Celox Rapid Z-Fold- 3" x 5'

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Celox Applicator- Quick Granule Application

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Celox Granules-15g Pack

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Celox 4x4 inch Hemostatic Gauze Pad

A person can bleed to death in as l..


5ft. CELOX Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze

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10ft. CELOX Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze

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Celox 8x8 inch Hemostatic Gauze pads- Stop the Bleed! DHS Approved!

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Celox Gauze 5x3 Roll-Stop the bleed! DHS Approved!

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Celox Granular Hemostatic Agent- 35G

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Celox-A Hemostatic Agent

Stops life-threatening bleeding res..


Hemostatic Bandage: Revolutionizing Bleeding Control in Emergencies

We offer a large selection of hemostatic agents and bandages that work wonders when it comes to healing wounds at a fast rate. Coming in a bandage, gauze, or powder form, the hemostatic agent within them helps close up the wound site by reacting to contact with blood, in which a it swells and gels and sticks together to make a gel like clot. Because of this fast reaction, it works with your body to help stop bleeding much faster than the body could alone normally. For application, they can still be used like their non-hemostatic counterparts, but the agent definitely helps in stopping bleeding rather than a standalone bandage. 

For the best results, we strongly recommend you seek training to become familiar with the uses and application, and it will become a critical tool in case a massive hemorrhage occurs in your vicinity. 

Understanding Hemostatic Bandages

Types of Bandages for Wounds and Bandages That Stop Bleeding

  • Among the Types of Bandages for Wounds, hemostatic bandages stand out for their ability to control severe bleeding quickly.
  • Bandages That Stop Bleeding, such as hemostatic bandages, are embedded with agents that accelerate the body's natural clotting process.

Hemostatic Trauma Gauze and Hemostatic Dressing Application

  • Hemostatic Trauma Gauze is a specialized gauze infused with hemostatic agents, making it highly effective in controlling bleeding from traumatic injuries.
  • Proper Hemostatic Dressing Application is key to their effectiveness, requiring specific techniques for different types of wounds.

The Role of Hemostatic Agents

Hemostatic Agent and Hemostatic Agents Used to Control Bleeding

  • A Hemostatic Agent is a substance that promotes blood clotting, and it is a crucial component of hemostatic bandages.
  • Various Hemostatic Agents Used to Control Bleeding include materials like kaolin, chitosan, and zeolite.

Hemostatic Agent Powder and Hemostatic Agent Gauze

  • Hemostatic Agent Powder can be directly applied to wounds to rapidly initiate clotting.
  • Hemostatic Agent Gauze combines the absorbency of gauze with the clotting capabilities of hemostatic agents.

Different Forms of Hemostatic Products

Hemostatic Gauze and Best Hemostatic Gauze

  • Hemostatic Gauze is a versatile tool in trauma kits, used for packing wounds and providing immediate bleeding control.
  • The Best Hemostatic Gauze is often those that are quick-acting, easy to apply, and effective in various wound types.

Bloodstop Hemostatic Gauze and Hemostatic Trauma Gauze

  • Bloodstop Hemostatic Gauze is a specific type known for its rapid action in stopping bleeding.
  • Hemostatic Trauma Gauze is specially designed for traumatic injuries, ideal for use in high-risk environments like combat zones or industrial sites.

The Importance of Hemostatic Solutions

Hemostatic Bandages and Hemostatic Dressing

  • Hemostatic Bandages are a crucial part of any first aid kit, especially in settings where the risk of severe injury is high.
  • A Hemostatic Dressing not only stops bleeding but also helps in wound stabilization until further medical treatment can be provided.

Hemostatic Bandage technology represents a significant advancement in emergency medical care. Their ability to rapidly control bleeding in traumatic injuries has made them indispensable in emergency response, military medicine, and even in everyday first aid scenarios. Understanding and utilizing these bandages can save lives, making them a must-have in any emergency preparedness plan.

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