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G3+ Responder EMS Backpack

Item #:11385

The G3+ Responder large EMS bag can be used for multiple applications, including (contents not included—pack only):

  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)
  • AED (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support)
  • BVM (Bag Valve Mask)
  • PAL (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • O2 (Accommodates D or Jumbo D Oxygen Cylinder)

The G3+ Responder is our largest, highest-capacity EMS backpack. It’s designed with one large main compartment, two side compartments, and two large storage compartments on top and in front of the main compartment.

The main compartment features full-length zippers that allow you to completely open the large EMS bag and lay it out flat to display all contents for easy access. You can fit up to four of the Statpacks Generation 3 standard cells inside this high-capacity large EMS bag. The internal cells stack neatly and securely in a wide variety of configurations.

The main compartment is foam-lined to keep all your emergency medical equipment protected from breakage or the elements.
The aluminum track creates a secure point for the shoulder straps and allows for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment.
The two side compartments can also be completely unzipped and laid out flat to display your equipment. They are built with multiple mesh storage pockets to give you superior organization.
The large pocket located on front of the main compartment also unzips completely and lays down flat.
Silicone rings are attached to the ends of all zippers for quick and easy access.
The durable tarpaulin bottom panel protects your large EMS bag from wear and tear.
The G3+ Responder large EMS bag is built with high-visibility reflective material to help you be seen in nighttime situations.
The foam-molded, adjustable shoulder straps and a padded breathable back panel allow you to comfortably transport your emergency medical equipment. This large EMS bag does not come with waist straps.
Internal Velcro lining strips are placed throughout the pack to secure modules and equipment.

  • New Cutting-Edge Fabric Technology: Our upgraded material reinforces our large EMS bags, rendering them more robust, water-resistant, easier to clean, and highly resistant to wear. Moreover, it imparts a glossy finish that enhances visibility, making it easier for you to “be seen on the scene.”
  • New See-Through “Mono-Mesh” Compartments: Introducing transparent sections equipped with our exclusive “Mono-Mesh” technology. This innovation amplifies durability, streamlines maintenance, and negates the need for constant upkeep. The transparent design also facilitates easy equipment identification for more convenient access.
  • NEW “Stand-Strong” Bottom: The fortified bottom panel, enhanced with low-profile bumpers, empowers the bag to stand upright. This ensures effortless access during high-stress situations.

Our EMS bags utilize a high-performance elastomer that epitomizes cutting-edge material technology.

This remarkable material harmonizes an exceptional blend of chemical, mechanical, and physical properties, meticulously engineered to meet the most rigorous end-use requisites.

Highlighted Characteristics Include:

  • Unparalleled Tear Strength: Surpassing most other elastomers in tensile strength, our material ensures your large EMS bag remains intact, eliminating concerns of tearing or deterioration.
  • Exceptional Abrasion Resistance: With triple the durability of rubber, this material maintains its pristine appearance even under heavy use and abuse.
  • Resilience Against Microbiological Threats: Our material has proven highly effective in fending off microbiological attacks, a critical feature for EMS bags that frequently encounter such hazards.
    Remarkable Flexibility: Alongside its robustness, our material exhibits surprising flexibility, enhancing its usability.
  • Unrivaled Biocompatibility: Demonstrating the highest level of biocompatibility, our material serves various medical, sanitary, sports, and protective device applications.
  • Weather Endurance: Our material thrives across an extensive temperature range, offering unmatched protection against degradation even in extreme climates.
  • Resistance to Chemicals, Oils, and Greases: Our material’s chemical resistance makes it impervious to oil contamination, as it doesn’t chemically react with oil.

Price: $375.00

Shipping Weight: 16.00

Minimum order: 1

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