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G3+ Remedy Kit

Item #:78619

The full-length zipper allows you to completely open the pharmacy kit to easily display all contents inside.

Clear durable mono-mesh pockets accommodate extra needles and syringes. Elastic bands provide further storage options.

Lockable kiss-zippers help you keep track of used modules and secure your medicines.

A transparent, durable mono-mesh outer window is provided on the front, so you can easily see important items or tags. This may also be used as a quick stash pocket for trash or extra supplies.

*Case Only, Pictured Medical Drugs and Tools are NOT Included.

*G3+ cells, modules and kits are all backward compatible with previous G3 model packs

The pharmacy kit compartment is foam-lined to keep all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements.

The innovative fold-out design is compact, yet quickly reveals well-organized medication supplies and tools.

The kit is color-coded for easy identification from other EMS medication bags. The provided ID window also enables you to label it any way you want to identify between other medic bags.

The G3+ Remedy pharmacy kit is specifically designed to stow neatly in most StatPacks Gen 3 EMS packs. It fits particularly well in the G3+ Perfusion and Backup EMS backpacks. In addition, it fits most other EMT jump bags available in the market today.

This pharmacy kit attaches to the inside of larger StatPacks EMS Backpacks with hook-&-loop panel.

New G3+ Features for Our Pharmacy Kit:

The G3+ Remedy Kit features our latest G3+ upgrades:

  • NEW Cutting-Edge Fabric Technology: Our updated material makes our packs stronger, easier to clean, and water-resistant. It also gives them a “high shine” finish for enhanced day/night visibility. This allows you to more easily “be seen on the scene.”
  • NEW See-Through “Mono-Mesh” Compartments: This makes your pack easier clean, more durable, and maintenance-free. It also allows you to see all your equipment more easily for quicker access.
  • NEW “Stand-Strong” Impregnable Bottom: The fortified bottom panel features low-profile bumpers, which allow the pack to sit upright with ease on any surface. It stands up straight to give you easy access while working under the most stressful situations.

State-of-the-Art Fabric Technology Used on Our Pharmacy Kit

The high-performance elastomer we use on our pharmacy kit is the most advanced material technology available.

It also offers a unique combination of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties, which have qualified to meet the most demanding end applications.

These include the following:

  • High Tensile Strength: The tear strength of our material is superior to most other elastomers. This means your pharmacy kit can withstand the most harsh and demanding environments and situations. You never have to worry about it tearing or falling apart on you.
  • Abrasion Resistance: This material has more than three times the durability of rubber. This means it can withstand the harshest physical abuse, including scratching, friction, and corrosion forced upon by the surface of the materials. You don’t have to worry about your pharmacy kit getting scratched up.
  • Outstanding Flexibility: The dynamic flex performance of our material, including in extremely cold temperatures, makes it withstand severe external forces with ease.
  • Microbiological Resistance: Our material provides superior resistance to microbiological attacks. This is critical for pharmacy kits.
  • Heat and Weather Resistance: Elastomers are chemically degraded by UV radiation and heat. Our material can be used over a wide range of temperatures and provides superior protection against degradation under severe climates.
  • Resistance to Oils, Chemicals, and Greases: Our material does not react chemically to oil contamination.
  • Biocompatibility: Our material exhibits superior biocompatibility and is widely-utilized in medical, sanitary, sport, and protective devices.

Price: $70.00

Shipping Weight: 3.00

Minimum order: 1

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