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G3+ Oxygen Module

Item #:78621

The Minimalist EMS Oxygen Module to Secure a “D” or “Jumbo D” Cylinder and Dramatically Prolong Pack Life

The G3+ EMS oxygen module can be used as a standalone module or in other EMT jump bags. It incorporates perfectly into the Statpacks G3+ Backup, G3+ Breather, and G3+ Responder packs, effectively converting packs into bonafide O2 solutions. This is the ultimate must-have accessory when carrying 02.

Tank NOT included – Module Only

The G3+ oxygen module makes your Statpacks Generation 3 medic pack into a quick, easy-to-use EMS oxygen bag.

The foam-lined construction maintains rigidity to securely hold oxygen tanks in packs.

Hook Velcro® on the back panel attaches securely in the G3+ Backup, G3+ Breather, and G3+ Responder packs. The EMS oxygen module also fits in Statpacks G3+ Responder, G3+ Clinician, G3+ Tidal Volume, G3+ Back up and G3+ Breather main packs. In addition, it fits into most EMT jump bags available in the market today.

This Ems oxygen module fits D or Jumbo-D size 02 cylinders.

Secure Velcro®/buckle attachments can hook to a cot for quick O2 cell connecting.

Grab handles are provided for quick and easy transport.

Capacity: D or Jumbo-D cylinder

Weight: 12oz

The G3+ Oxygen Module features our newest EMS oxygen upgrades:

NEW Cutting-Edge Fabric Technology: Our upgraded material makes our packs stronger, water-resistant, easier to clean, and more wear-resistant. It also gives them a shiny finish so you can more easily “be seen on the scene.”

NEW Transparent “Mono-Mesh” Compartments: These allow you to see all your equipment more easily for more convenient access. They also make your pack more durable and easier to clean and maintain.

NEW “Stand-Strong” Bottom: The strengthened bottom panel bumpers enables the pack to sit upright. This gives you easy access while working in high-stress situations.

State-of-the-Art Fabric Technology

The material used on our EMS oxygen module is a high-performance elastomer that represents the most advanced material technology.

Its physical, chemical, and mechanical properties meet the most demanding applications.

These include the following:

High Tear Strength: The tensile strength of our material is superior to most other elastomers. Never worry about your EMS oxygen tearing or falling apart on you.

Abrasion Resistance: This material is three times more durable than rubber. This means you can abuse it and you won’t damage it.

Resistant to Microbiological Attack: Our is highly effective against microbiological attacks, must-have for EMS oxygen.

Astounding Flexibility: Our material is both strong and astoundingly flexible for its strength.

Biocompatibility: Our material has the highest biocompatibility, which makes it perfect for sanitary, medical, sport, and protective device applications.

Weather Resistant: Our material withstands a wide range of temperatures and protects against degradation in severe climates.

Resistance to Chemicals, Oils, and Greases: Our material does not react chemically with oil, which means you can’t stain it with oils or greases.

Price: $70.00

Shipping Weight: 5.00

Minimum order: 1

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