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Portable Oxygen Cylinder Bag with Padded Head

Item #:78654

This features one-half inch of high density, closed cell foam that helps protect the oxygen regulator.

It is large enough for your cylinder and attached regulator.

There is a pocket on the side for a mask, nasal cannula, etc. There are elastic loops inside the pocket for seven oral airways.

There is also a shoulder carrying strap that includes hook and loop straps which attach to a cot rail.

Made of heavy Cordura® nylon, it has 3M™ heat applied silver reflective trim to minimize contamination.

There are models available for “C”, “D” and “E” cylinders.

The Cordura® nylon bag is available in orange or green and weighs 16 oz.

The vinyl bag is constructed of 18 oz. orange vinyl and weighs 27 oz.

The overall dimension are: #250: 23 1/4”L x 4 1/4” diameter (body) 7 1/2” diameter (head) #251: 35”L x 4 3/4” diameter (body) 7 1/2” diameter (head)

Made in USA

Price: $109.95

Shipping Weight: 5.00

Minimum order: 1

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